Scrat happily pushes a baby carriage, holding a teddy bear, through the park. He stops walking when he notices something shiny in the bushes. He picks

Scrat in the fan version of Hello Dolly.

up the Cursed Idol and likes it, so he decides to leave his teddy bear on the ground and put the idol in the carriage. As he walks beneath some trees, some birds fall to the ground, dead. They go unnoticed by Scrat, however.

Scrat comes upon Jussy, who is in the background reading a newspaper, and Al Capone, who happily plays in the water of a leaking fire hydrant. Al waves hello to Scrat as he walks by, but as soon as he passes, the water pressure from the hydrant increases significantly. Al is thrown against a brick wall by the force of the water. When the water dies down, all that's left of Al is some blood, his intestines, and his hat.

Next, Scrat happens upon Lumpy, who dances in the park while listening to disco music on a pair of headphones. When he leaves, however, the volume of the music Lumpy is listening to suddenly begins increasing to the point of pain. Before he can remove the headphones, his head explodes.

Scrat returns home and settles into bed. He turns off the lamp next to his bed, but he turns it back on when he hears a squishing/crunching noise. He screams in terror when he finds that his heart is stuck on a spring from his mattress which has impaled his body. He tries to push his heart back into his body, but this causes other springs to impale several other organs. He slowly dies, letting off a weak death rattle as he goes. The Cursed Idol, now donning a night cap, lies next to him in bed, no doubt the cause of her demise. The screen then cuts to black while the sound of a lamp being turned off is heard in the background.

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