The gang plays a game of hide and seek in the forest. Itchy begins counting while Robo Star, Aqua, and Superspeed hide. While counting, a woodpecker starts pecking a tree. The sound reminds him of machine guns firing, causing Evil Itchy to emerge. He throws his throwing knife through the woodpecker before running off to look for the gang.

While Robo Star hides behind a tree, Itchy appears in camouflage and snaps Robo Star's neck. Then, as Aqua is searching for a place to hide, she gets caught and hung by some piano wire Itchy lowers from a tree. Finally, Superspeed, noticing Aqua's death, becomes scared, walks backwards, and falls into a stake pit Itchy created, Itchy hands him an active grenade, which explodes as the screen goes black.

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