The doomed trio about to play the children's game.
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Overload Hammy Cheeks

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The gang plays a game of hide and seek in the forest. Rip begins counting while Hammy, Cheeks, and Overload hide. While counting, a woodpecker starts pecking a tree. The sound reminds him of machine guns firing, causing Evil Rip to emerge. He throws his throwing knife through the woodpecker before running off to look for the gang.

While Hammy hides behind a tree, Rip appears in camouflage and snaps Hammy's neck. Then, as Cheeks is searching for a place to hide, she gets caught and hung by some piano wire Rip lowers from a tree. Finally, Overload, noticing Cheeks' death, becomes scared, walks backwards, and falls into a punji stake pit Rip created, Rip hands him an active grenade, which explodes as the screen goes black.


  1. Rip kills a woodpecker by throwing his throwing knife through its body.
  2. Rip kills Hammy by snapping his neck.
  3. Rip kills Cheeks by hanging her with piano wire.
  4. Rip kills Overload after he falls into a pit of spikes and he hands her a grenade, which explodes off screen.


  1. A "WAH!" sound is heard when Rip kills the woodpecker with his Bowie knife.
  2. This is the first episode where Rip flips out.
  3. Torn can be seen behind the tree were hammy is hideing


  1. When Overload falls in the pit, he pulls out his left arm for help, but when Rip hands him a grenade, it is now his right arm.
  2. We saw Rip's eyes turn yellow when he flipped out, but his eyes are still the same as before when he kills the woodpecker and the other tree friends. His teeth remain normal as well, while future episodes will have them become crooked or sharpen into fangs.
  3. Rip couldn't possibly reach Overload to hand him the granade. The pit was too deep.
  4. When Rip goes to hand Overload the grenade, his flipped out voiced can be heard, but it is supposed to be normal.
  5. Overload's blood spills before his falls into the pit.

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