Holy Antlers is episode 2.1 of the TV series. Starring Lumpy, it is the only TV episode to have only one character.


Lumpy looks at his mismatched antlers and thinks cool about them. He turns around to go home, still looking at his antlers, to see the directions have automatically changed. Lumpy gets confused and, still looking at the antlers, swoops from side to side to see his antlers change directions.

Lumpy sadly walks to a candy store and has ice cream, only for him to swoop to each side happily. Apparently, Lumpy's antlers continue to change directions. Lumpy runs home and trips over a log, with the log stuck to his antler. Lumpy turns his head to look at it, only for the log to switch antlers.

Lumpy is later seen at home, now with one of his antlers cut off trying to get the log off. Lumpy looks at the broken antler to see that his broken antler is "really still there". Lumpy turns to look at his other antler to see it is facing the same direction, knowing it is a trick. He swoops around again and is happy to see it finally didn't change sides again, and swoops to the other side where he has no left antler.

Lumpy decides to watch TV and gets tired. He falls asleep and dreams about his antlers not changing directions. Lumpy cheers in his sleep numerous times. He ends up cheering so much he wakes up, still cheering.

Lumpy goes to a convention center, stupidly going inside even though it has a sign saying "STARTING TOMORROW!". Lumpy goes to meet Buddhist Monkey, but sees no one there. Lumpy cries at the point of having his antlers change directions and his antler coming off.

Lumpy runs away from the convention center, crying. He sees an empty ice block and quickly somehow gets himself inside it. He acts extinct, but like Cro-Marmot, is somehow still able to do actions off-screen. Lumpy breaks the ice-block, only to be impaled by most of the pieces of ice.

Lumpy runs to a hospital, only for his not broken antler to be cut off by the door. Lumpy runs into an empty room and falls asleep on a patient bed, only for him to fall off and splatter.


"Cut off your antlers!"


  1. Lumpy falls off a bed and splatters.


  1. (Before death) Lumpy's right antler is cut off.
  2. (Before death) Lumpy's left antler is cut off.


  1. This is the only time the animators intentionally mean for Lumpy's antlers to change directions.

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