Gender: Male
Interest(s): Mischief, Pranks, Joking, Skateboarding, Sports
Species: Wolf
Color: Red
Relatives: n/a
Age: 17
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Trippy, Superspeed, Sana, Rip, Pierce, Bulky
Enemies/Rivals: Ziggles, Britton, Pranky
Love Interest(s): Ava Lili
Kill Count: 10
Deaths: 20 (19 from regular episodes)
(1 from Specy Spooktacular)
First Appearance: Don't Be Trippy, Hippy
First Victim: Pranky from Last Laugh
First Death: Don't Be Trippy, Hippy

Hoppy is a fan-made HTF character.


Hoppy is a red wolf. He loves to play pranks on everyone and takes everything as a joke. He is a huge jock and things he's attractive to all the ladies (he's only dated Ava and Lili).


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  1. Don't Be Trippy, Hippy - Run over by a train.
  2. Why Bones Trick Pranks - Blasted into space and blown up.
  3. No Sports No Service - Crushed by a goal post.
  4. The Big Save - washes his own face off.
  5. Taking Care of Fizz-ness - Crushed by tree.
  6. Send in the Bullies - Hit by football.
  7. Soccer it to Them - Blasted by Sickly.
  8. From Bath to Worse - Crushed by Josh's tub.
  9. Nerds United - Cut and stabbed by pencils and scissors.
  10. Cucumbersome - Slips on banana peel and sliced by stairs.
  11. Bunny Not Funny - Killed in an explosion.
  12. Smile for the Pickle - Sliced by photo copies.
  13. Mascot in the Act - Hit by flame ball.
  14. What the Puck? - Shot by numerous hockey pucks.
  15. Dunkin' Hoops - Stomped on.
  16. The Tenacious Ten - Blown up by inflatable raft.
  17. Monkey See, Monkey Don't - Flattened by The Mole.
  18. Sportsmanship - Killed by alligator.
  19. An Uplifting Story - Breaks his spine.
  20. The Incredible Bulk: Ripped in half.


  1. Last Laugh - Severely attacked by a falcon, sent crashing into a restaurant, and rolls down a hill.
  2. No Sports No Service - (before death) beaten to a pulp by football players.
  3. Armed and Dangerous - Loses his hand and arm.


  • Pranky - 3 ("Last Laugh" along with Flippy, "From Bath to Worse", "This Prank is Brought to You By...")
  • Nutty - 1 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Pranky)
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Pranky)
  • Puffy - 1 ("Why Bones Trick Pranks" along with Pranky)
  • Flaky - 1 ("Soccer it to Them")
  • Pucky - 1 ("Sportsmanship" along with Sporty)
  • Kicks - 1 ("Sportsmanship" along with Sporty)
  • The Mole - 1 ("This Prank is Brought to You By...")


  • He is the second character who enjoys jokes and pranks, the first being Pranky. An episode named Last Laugh, involves Hoppy and Pranky competing in a prank war.
  • Pranky is his most frequent victim.
  • He is often mistaken for a lemur or raccoon due to his tail.
  • It is shown in Armed and Dangerous that he isn't good at arm wrestling.
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