Howdy's Cowboy Smoochie is a smoochie starring Howdy the coyote. He will show you how to do things a professional cowboy would NEVER mess up!
Howdy smoochie


  • Howdy lifts his hat, saying "Howdy, partner".
  • Howdy twirls a gun and puts it back in his pocket.



Howdy pulls out his trusty lasso rope and swings it around. He tosses it and pulls in a bar of gold. He says "Yee-haw!" and tosses his hat in the air. Then he tries his luck again. He swirls his lasso then tosses it, but the round part of the rope catches Howdy by the neck and hangs him.


Howdy reveals his two guns with corks attached to stings attached to the guns. Howdy spins the guns and then adjusts his aim. He fires the guns, but the corks hit the sides of the screen and shoot him in the eyes.


Howdy sees a mechanical bull ride and prepares to ride it. He jumps on the ride and it begins rocking him back and forth slowly. Unimpressed, Howdy kicks it to make it move faster. The bull rocks faster and faster, until it starts malfunctioning and Howdy loses his grip, causing him to get splattered all over the place. When the ride finally stops, Howdy falls off the ride dead. The bull's head then falls off and impales him with its horns.


  • The options have star-shaped buttons instead of the usual circular ones.

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