Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: ?
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
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Flaky walks into her house on a really, hot day, and sits on a couch, turning her fan up on high. The fan begins to shake, and falls down on Flaky and shreds her lower half. The fan is still hanging a string from the ceiling, yet shakes again.

Flaky crawls away, but the window is open and suddenly, cold air starts blowing. The air blows the fan towards Flaky and shreds the rest of her, except for her neck and head. Flaky tries to use her tongue to crawl herself into bed.

While Flaky is sleeping, the fan shreds her head again and Flaky is killed.


  1. Flaky's head and neck are shredded by the fan.


  1. Flaky is shredded by the fan numerous times.


  1. Rocky appears in the background through Flaky's window numerous times.

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