I Ashed You to Go Away is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Ale

Featuring Roles

  • Superspeed
  • Trippy
  • Aleksandr Orlov


  • Robo Star


Ale is seen angry because one of the windows was broken from a snowball. She looks out and sees Aleksandr Orlov, Trippy, and Superspeed throwing snowballs all over the place. Ale was going to flip out but resists it. The next hour, another window shatters and Ale gets mad but still resists. The next hour after that, another window shatters, this time some of the glass shatters on Ale injuring her, thus making her flip out. She runs out the door, grabs Robo Star, and lights him on fire until he turns to ash. Ale sneaks up behind Aleksandr and slits his throat with a knife. Trippy screams in horror as he sees Ale stuff Robo Star's ashes in Superspeed's mouth, choking him. Trippy runs but Ale uses the last of Robo Star's ash to blind Trippy then slices his head off. Ale goes back to normal and wonders why there are so many ashes all over the place.


1. Robo Star is set ablaze into ashes.

2. Ale slits Aleksandrs throat.

3. Ale stuffs ash into Superspeed's mouth, choking him.

4. Trippy was stabbed by Ale.


1. This is one of the only 2 episodes where Robo Star dies first. The other being The Small Game.

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