Guddles in the fan version of "I Get a Trick Out of You"

The Happy Tree Friends are celebrating a birthday, complete with a cake and a small stage set up for entertainment. The group begins to cheer as Robbie the magician takes the stage, arriving in a puff of smoke. Everyone watching the entertainment is covered in black. He pulls a bird from his tophat and throws it into the air to fly away, but the bird falls to the floor, dead. Robbie sheepishly does a small dance and kicks the bird off the stage.

Robbie now asks for a volunteer, and Guddles eagerly raises his hand. Robbie selects Guddles, and Guddles gets into a box onstange with his feet hanging out one end and his head hanging out the other. Robbie takes out a saw and cuts the box in half, but upon pulling the pieces apart, we see that Guddles was cut in half as well. His intestines somehow stay connected, keeping him alive. Everyone gasps and Puffy shrieks in sheer terror. Robbie looks down to see the damage and immediately freaks out and hides the intestines.

As an ambulance races Guddles (still in the box from earlier) to the hospital, Robbie is relieved to see Guddles' heart start beating again after flat lining. Robbie leans against the back door of the ambulance, but the door opens causing Robbie to fall out. He grabs onto Guddles' feet to stop himself from falling, but this causes the lower part of the box Guddles is in to fall out of the ambulance.

Guddles cries in pain as his intestines get stretched out while Robbie and the box are dragged along behind the ambulance. Robbie tries pulling on Guddles' intestines to get himself and the box he's riding on back into the ambulance, but this only succeeds in pulling the other half of the box out of the ambulance. Eventually the box rolls up to the hospital where the ambulance is parked.

As the scene changes, Robbie enters Guddles' hospital room, where a stitch-covered Guddles is just waking up. Robbie, obviously nervous, lightens the mood by pulling a bouquet of flowers from his hat. Guddles laughs and Robbie, feeling more confident, tries another trick.

Now he pulls out a newspaper page and rolls it into a cone. Looking around the room for some liquid, Robbie takes the blood pack from Guddles' IV and pours the blood into the cone. He opens the paper to reveal that the blood has disappeared.

Unfortunately, Guddles needed that blood to survive, and he dies shortly after Robbie completes his trick. Robbie becomes horrified and throws down a vial which emits a large puff of smoke, similar to the one he entered the show with. When the smoke clears, we see Robbie sprawled out on the floor, dead, with smoke covering his body. Several parts of his body are on fire.

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