This is the reason why
toy swords are dangerous.
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 12
Starring Roles


Featuring Roles
Sir Gron
Previous Episode Gimmy my Lunch Money
Next Episode Cars and People don't mix

"I Have a Boney Feeling" is a Happy Tree Friends fan episode and it is the twelfth episode of Season One.


Ale is happily walking down the park when she sees Sir Gron selling toy swords to Cub. She sees the toy swords, and flips out. She runs towards Sir Gron and rips one of his rib cage bones. However, Sir Gron doesnt' scream because of pain, he can't even feel any, he screams because he looks in horror as Alice uses his rib cage bone to kill Cub.

She then rips off Gron's boney arm and clubs Superspeed and Puffy to death. Grabbing the rest of Gron's body, except for the head, she whacks Cuddles to death with it. Alice runs away.

Just then Sir Gron looks in horror that his skeletal bones are all over the place and only his head is fine. He says "Oh me, why me?"


  1. Cub was killed by Alice with Gron's rib cage bone.
  2. Superspeed and Puffy were killed by Alice with Sir Gron's arm bone.
  3. Alice uses the rest of Gron's body to kill Cuddles.
  4. Sir Gron may have died when Alice used all his body parts (debatable because he still talks when his head remains in fine shape).


  • This is the debut episode of Sir Gron and Cub.
  • This is one of the few times Cub appears without Pop.
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