1. Sniffles
  2. The Ants


Sniffles walks up to the anthill. Sniffles knocks on the door and the mother ant answers. The mother ant calls the other ants and they all hold up knifes.

Sniffles: Please guys, don't do this to me! Don't you know how much torture you put into me? First a pin, then a chainsaw, then gasoline, then ice, then a cat, then my hand's skin broken off, then an apple with credit cards in it, then a paper shredder, then a nail, and then a paddle! Why can't you guys give me a break?

The ants think about what they've done throughout the years, and put down the knifes.

Mother Ant: Well...we're sorry. Being in a belly is just scary for us, since that's how my husband died. Because you ate him! We got mad and stuff.

Sniffles: But no matter how bloody, someone did a body test on me and thought it was fun. It actually tickled for me!

Brother Ant: If it makes sense, then okay...

Sniffles: Also, one other thing.

Sniffles sticks out his tongue to reveal the father ant.

Ants: Papa!

Father Ant: Hey guys! You gotta believe me, it's actually quite fun in there!

Sister Ant: Well this explains why we always see him laughing when we're spying on him.

Sniffles: You've been spying on me?

Sister Ant: Uh... Nothing!

All Ants: Let's go in!

Sniffles eats all the ants. The ants, afterwards, play with his organs and intestines, and his heart. Sniffles laughs really much and falls asleep.


"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."


None. This is one of the few episodes without any deaths.


  1. This is the only time the ants and Sniffles communicate, without the ants killing Sniffles.
  2. The title is a play on "I just can't".

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