Shade a flower
This is why you should not sit under the shade of a tree.
Internet Season: Love Bites
Episode Number: 1
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
The Squirrel
Previous Episode TBA
Next Episode Love is what hurts

I Shade a Flower is a Love Bites short.


Rocky and Buddy are sitting under the shade of a tree. Rocky looks up and sees numerous apples in the tree. Buddy climbs up the tree to get some.

Buddy tries to pick the apples, but a squirrel sees an acorn nearby her foot and ends up clawing her. Buddy falls down and crushes Rocky.

After the ending tag, the squirrel sees an acorn fall towards the remains of Rocky and Buddy. It tries to run for it, but an apple falls and crushes him.


  • Go squirrel me an apple!


  1. Buddy falls and crushes Rocky.
  2. A squirrel is crushed by an apple.


  1. The squirrel is responsible for every death in this episode.

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