Ice Cream You Scream

Russell about to enjoy his shake.

"Ice Scream, You Scream" is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends and is also the third episode of Season One.





It all starts at the Ice Cream Shoppe in Happy Tree Town. Superspeed and Russell head to the counter to order a shake. While the waiter, Trippy, gives them their shakes, Lumpy (the maneger) yells at Trippy for not washing the cups in the back room. Superspeed and Russell spit out the drinks and walk away angry. Lumpy then screams at Trippy to go clean the dishes while Lumpy takes the orders. Ale comes in and orders a drink. Then Clumsy comes and trips on her. Ale gets mad at him and then turns to Evil Ale (Alice). She picks up Clumsy grabs a glass and breaks it on his head and cuts his brain. In fear, Lumpy runs to the back telling Trippy that Ale is going to kill them all. Trippy doesn't belive him and continues to wash the dishes. Lumpy then begains to cry and Ale appears out of nowhere and snaps his neck. She then sees Giggles and Petunia talking while drinking, when Ale comes and unwraps Giggle's bow and chokes her with the strings. Petunia screams in fear as Ale gets her knife and cuts Petunia in half. Ale then licks the blood on the knife. Ale then spots and targets Cuddles, Toothy and Sniffles. She then puts all their mouths on the ice cream machine and staples them to it. She then activates the machine and all three of them exploded from being filled with ice cream. Then Trippy steps of the back room with all the dishes clean. He then spots Ale who punches him right in the eye taking is eye out. She then reaches very far in his eye socket and grabs out his brain and squishes it. Ale then comes back to normal and drinks her order.


  • Clumsy gets half his face in half by Ale
  • Lumpy gets his neck snapped by Ale
  • Giggles his chocked to death by Ale
  • Petunia is cut in half by Ale
  • Cuddles, Toothy, and Sniffles explode
  • Trippy gets his eye and brains squished by Ale


  1. This is the debut of Ale, Russell, Giggles, Petunia, Toothy, Sniffles, Cuddles and Clumsy.
  2. This so first episode in this case Superspeed surived in
  3. While Trippy usually halucinates bad events, in this scenario he was actually skeptical that one was happening.
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