Ironing Phones is the fifth episode of HTF Break by deviantART user Yudhaikeledai
Ironing Phones

You can answer your phone, just make sure you pick up the right object!


  1. Cuddles


Cuddles is ironing a shirt. He puts the iron down, and his phone rings, and he accidentally picks up the iron instead of the phone, and he is disintegrated. A close up of the phone is shown with "HTF Break" on it.


  1. Cuddles is disintegrated.


  1. Cuddles doesn't have his pink cheeks.


  1. Cuddles' phone's ringtone is the Happy Tree Friends theme song.
  2. The close up of the phone with "HTF Break" on it only appears in some versions of the break, but some it is removed.
  3. It can be seen here.
  4. If someone listens closely, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard when Cuddles uses the iron as the phone.

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