In Splendont's Acorn Fortress, high above the trees, Splendont is hard at work sewing a blanket. Our hero hears distant screams and flies out to investigate. Upon arriving, Splendont finds Wooly covered in bear traps, having been lured by the cheese each trap held.

Splendont tries removing a trap around Wooly's arm, but it snaps back shut, severing Wooly's arm. Splendont then starts to freak out and Wooly shrieks in pain. But not before, Splendont stops the bleeding by tying the skin in Wooly's arm into a knot. After considering for a second, Splendont successfully removes the remaining three bear traps by karate chopping and kicking them off.

Splendont gathers up the traps and throws them off into the distance. Two of the bear traps land near Baby while she plays with her toys. The third one, however, lands on Baby's head, providing a gruesome death for the poor child.

Wooly thanks Splendont and Splendont flies away. Not too long afterwards, however, Splendont hears a loud noise that makes him stop. Apparently Wooly didn't learn his lesson, and he now has a giant bear trap clamped over his entire body. Fed up, Splendont uses his laser vision to sever the trap and flies away without checking Wooly's status. As Splendont leaves the scene, Wooly's head detaches from his body and lands in another trap, next to the cheese he tried so hard to acquire.

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