Itching to Know is the seventh episode of Aussie Outback Friends. This episode introduces Scratches, the itchy bandicoot who is literally a flea city.

Scratches with the flea-killing shampoo.






Scratches is seen sleeping on a rock, but feels a slight itch. He rolls over, but itches again. This problem gets worse until he is driven crazy with itchiness. Hairy, sleeping on a rock, is bothered by Scratches' screams and chatters. He comes to help Scratches find the problem. He pulls out a magnifying glass and sees that Scratches' fur is infested with thousands of fleas. At that moment, one flea jumps onto the magnifying glass and into Hairy's eye. While Hairy scratches his eye, Scratches runs to find something to get rid of his fleas.

Scratches continues to scratch as he rubs himself against a tree. Sheila and Sheldon see this and climb down. They offer to help Scratches by selling him a backscratcher. Scratches gives them his money and runs off with it. He immediately begins scratching himself with the backscratcher, hoping for the fleas to go away. But he scratches so hard that the backscratcher snaps in half.

Scratches grabs the comb on his head and starts rubbing it vigorously against his body. Because of this, it gets stuck and he ends up pulling off a clump of his fur. He screams, but is encountered by Sheila and Sheldon again. This time, they give him a specialized shampoo. He gives them the last of his money and runs off with it.

Scratches rushes to take a shower, when he sees Hairy scratching his now bloodshot eye, still trying to get rid of the flea. Scratches decides to help him out, so he pours the shampoo on Hairy's eye, making him scream in pain. Hairy's eye has melted off and he falls dead seconds later. Scratches sees that it has worked, but he has used up the whole bottle.

Desperate to rid himself of the itchiness, he sees Prickles sleeping curled in a ball. Scratches begins painfully rubbing himself against Prickles' quills, to the point of skinning himself. Scratches is finally relieved that his fleas are gone and smiles, dying seconds later due to blood loss. Prickles wakes up and gets itchy himself, as the fleas have now crawled onto his fur.


"The more you scratch, the more you itch!"


  1. Hairy's eye is melted off by the shampoo.
  1. Scratches skins himself and dies from blood loss.


  • This is Scratches' debut appearance.
  • This is the last episode of AOF to introduce a new character (Scratches).

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