Itchy in HTF style








Sideshow Bob, Bart Simpson, Mr. Burns, Evil Flippy.


Scratchy and everyone else

First Appearance

Itchy & Scratchy & Happy Tree Friends

Itchy is a blue mouse and has an orange vest. His greatest enemy is Scratchy. He and Scratchy make a crossover appearance in Itchy & Scratchy & Happy Tree Friends.

Kill Count


Itchy with his greatest enemy: Scratchy

Itchy has mostly killed Scratchy, but has killed other characters, including:

Additional kills

  1. Un-named wallpaper: Kills Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Trippy, Buck and Chuck with an atom bomb.
  2. HTF Comic #1: Kills Cuddles with a baseball bat.
  3. HTF Comic #3: Cuts Robo Star in half.
  4. HTF Comic #5: Kicks Cuddles' head off.
  5. Big Bomb: Kills Cuddles and Petunia with a bomb.
  6. Ice-scream: Makes Nutty eat acid ice-cream.
  7. Making A Good Bleed: Kills Ava with a door and kills Cuddles, Scratchy and Ziggles in an explosion.
  8. Un-named wallpaper: Kills Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Scratchy, Trippy and Nutty with gasoline.
  9. Un-named carpet: Pushes a movie camera forwards and impales Howdy in the eye.
  10. Un-named blanket: Kills Ava, Cuddles, Scratchy, Flaky, Flippy, Giggles, Trippy, Buck, Chuck, Lumpy, Robo Star and Ale with a giant bomb.


  • He and Scratchy are based on Tom and Jerry.

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