Jason Voorhees
Name Jason Voorhees
Gender Male
Interests Killing (sometimes), Swallowing others (sometimes)
Species Dog
Color Grey
Relatives Pamela Voorhees (deceased mother)
Age Unknown
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Carrie, Wolfle, Tulip, Sly, CJ, Neko-chan, Grumpy Cat, Happy Cat
Enemies/Rivals Flippy, Wolfle's Children (sometimes), Tulip (sometimes), Sly (sometimes)
Love Interests Sleepy
Kill Count 1
Death Count 4
First Appearance TGIF the 13th
First Victim Foxy (TGIF the 13th)
First Death Nothing can escape if the Evil Jedi has come

Jason Voorhees is a killer from Friday the 13th.

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