Jinx is a cat who has the powers to cause either good luck or bad luck. Her methods include: passing by her victim while she's angry makes her victim melt, her crying causes rainstorms, thunderstorms, or even the worst, a tornado. When she is happy, good things will happen, when she burps there will be earthquakes, when she screams the area will explode. Her deaths involve getting run over by a vehicle and explosions (by her own).


Jinx the cute


She is very kind. She is not aware of her powers and mostly goes happy-go-lucky. She is described as a cheerful, adventurous, and sometimes blank minded girl.


She is described as pretty, as many male characters seem to flirt with her.

She is colored dark violet. She wears a pinkish scarf with aqua streaks and a pink bow with aqua dots.

When she uses her powers, her eyes turn pink.


As a child she was born into a wealthy family, when she got older she wanted to go adventuring. She once wandered off to the forest and got lost. After 3 days of searching, she found herself in the HTF Town and immediately bought a house and settled there.

She appears to be good friends with Flaky, Butterfly, and Lammy as they are seen talking together. She seems to have a crush on Flippy.

Her first apperance was in Turn Over A New Luck, along with Butterfly.

She appears to be fairly wealthy, as she owns a mansion and a car.


  • Flaky - Close friend
  • Lammy - Close friend
  • Butterfly - Best friend
  • Flippy - Secret crush
    Bad luck house

    Jinx's mansion



1. When she screams, the area explodes.

2.When she is happy, good things will happen to herself and the people around her.

3. When she burps, there will be earthquakes

Jinx's eyes when her powers are activated.


4, When she is sad or cries, a thunderstorm or tornado will appear during rains.

6. All people near her (if she'sangry) will have a bad luck for a year.

7. If she is emotionally tattered, everything she touches will die.


1. Her controlable powers (thundercloud, tornado) are controlled by her emotions and cannot hurt her.

2. She always appears with Butterfly.

3. Her name Jinx means bad luck.

4. She bears resemblance to the character of Teen Titans called Jinx, because both of them can control luck and have the same signature colors (purple and pink).

5. Her creator got the idea from the character of Teen Titans of the same name.

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