Lets hope Gutsy does not jump to high!
Internet Season: HTF Break
Episode Number: 7
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles


Previous Episode About to Clown
Next Episode Mold It Right There!


One day Gutsy, Peppery and Cloudy find a trampoline they all jump on it. Gutsy jumps too high and they all are flung in to the air.

Gutsy dodges a telephone wire and he falls back to the trampoline when he kicks on the pole. Cloudy dodges the telephone wire but keeps on flying up into the air and Peppery is sliced in half by the wire. Cloudy flies so fast that she is bunred to a crisp by the speed.

Gutsy falls down and jumps of the trampoline and walks away. As the camera zooms in on one of the legs of the trampoline, it says "HTF is Dead".


  1. Peppery is sliced in half by a telephone wire.
  2. Cloudy is burned to death.

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