HTF Base 6 by StormiaPixels (2)
Name: Jumpers
Gender: Female
Animal: Kangaroo
Color: Yellow
Episode Count: 11
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 0
Kill Count: 11+
Deaths: 7 6 from regular episodes
1 from Breaks
First Appearance: Let's Bounce
First Victim: Shivers from Let's Bounce
First Death: Let's Bounce

Jumpers is a kangaroo that loves jumping. She is best friends with Cloudy. Jumpers is usually a very energetic character.


Starring Roles

​Featuring Roles



  • Let's Bounce: Died in an explosion.
  • The Mitten Monster: Eaten by a yeti.
  • Not Commonwealthy: Whacked with a cricket bat by Wooly.
  • The Point of Friendship: Splattered on the ground.
  • Hurricane Madness: Thrown into the sun.
  • Snow Horror, Snow Problem: Suffocated under an avalanche.
  • Magic Carpet Treatment: Crushed by the ceiling.

​List of Kills