Gender: Female
Interest(s): Cotton candy, dating
Species: Beaver
Color: Light pink
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Petunia
Enemies/Rivals: Ale
Love Interest(s): Toothy
Kill Count: 0
Deaths: 16
First Appearance: House Warming
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: House Warming
Jussy is a female light pink beaver character that is Toothy's girlfriend. They started dating in the episode A Toothy Love, that is also Jussy's debut episode. In the episode, Toothy tries to get a boyfriend for Jussy, but in the end, both start to date. Jussy loves cotton candy. Her first victim was Cuddles, which was caused by the killer bees inside her flowers, causing Cuddles to fall from a cliff. She has brown hair on pigtails.


  • In fan version episodes, she takes place of Petunia.
  • She's the first character to have pigtails.

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