Karnage the Red Wolf

Karnage is a red wolf that is a vampire.

Character Bio

Karnage is a red wolf. He is a vampire that lives in a hole next to Ziggles' house. He is able to do evil things like most vampires can do: sucking blood, mind control, reading minds, and hunting. Karnage also has a crush on Ziggles, although she doesn't like him back.

Vampire Pack

Karnage is in a vampire pack with over 100 vampires. The pack is called "Subconscious Allusion". There are way more other vampire packs: "Darkest Hour", "Jade Blood", "Slayer", "Revenge Slices", and "Afterlife of Evil". Karnage also has vampire comrades that appear in the show: Slayer, the lead of the Slayer pack, Broken Tooth, a member of Karnage's pack, BoneSnapper, a member of Karnage's Pack, Revenge, also part of Karnage's pack, and Savage, a member of the Slayer Pack.


  • Most of the pack names, especially "Subconscious Allusion" were named after a song from Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Karnage was actually supposed to be Ziggles' brother, but the vampire idea hit and he became a wolf vampire.

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