Keep Your Eye on the Road is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Robo Star

Featuring Roles

  • Handy
  • Lumpy
  • Lifty & Shifty


Up on a hill, Robo Star is shown sleeping in his car. Meanwhile, two generic tree friends are arguing about who broke the vase outside their house. One of them ends up shoving the other, who unintentionally pushes Robo Star's car, with Robo Star still in it, which causes the car to roll downhill. Unaware of what's going on, Robo Star ends up running over a STOP sign which flies up and pierces Handy's chest, killing him. As Robo Star's car rolls downhill he ends up hitting another road sign which flies up and falls down on Lumpy who was walking on the road. Quickly noticing the falling road sign, Lumpy successfully dodges it only to be ran over by Robo Star. The car eventually stops and Robo Star wakes up and sees in horror a bunch of blood on his windshield. Robo Star gets out of the car and tries to run away. Meanwhile Lifty and Shifty had just robbed a bank when they see Robo Star's car. Ignoring the blood stain, both brothers hijack the car and drive off.


1. Handy was killed when a road sign struck his chest.

2. Lumpy was ran over by Robo Star.


1. This was the first true appearance for Robo Star.

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