Killed Cheese is an episode of HTFF.


Cheesy's hand - and Crawly - get grilled to perfection.




Cheesy pulls out a grilled cheese maker to make himself breakfast. The scent of heated cheese fills the air, going behind a hole in the wall. Creepy and Crawly catch the scent and discover what is going on outside the walls. They decide to partake in Cheesy's morning meal.

Two grilled cheeses are made and Cheesy picks one up, tossing and blowing on it a few times because it was still hot. Just as he prepares to take a bite, he sees Creepy on the floor and gets mad at the little roach. A drop of hot cheese lands on Cheesy's foot and causes him to drop the grilled cheese, to Creepy's delight.

After cooling his foot down, Cheesy discovers Crawly about to steal his other grilled cheese. He runs to the kitchen counter and proceeds to grab him, when the grilled cheese maker closes on his hand, and traps Crawly inside. Creepy makes off with his share as Cheesy screams in agony trying to free his hand.

Cheesy finally opens the grilled cheese maker, revealing his deformed hand covered in molten cheese. Crawly has survived but is now reduced to a mushy pulp from the heat. Cheesy uses his other hand to swat the pest, killing him. Unfortunately, this sends the grilled cheese maker into the air and it closes down on Cheesy's head. He ends up being grilled to death as a result.

Creepy takes a big bite out of his grilled cheese, releasing a cheese bubble that pops all over him, covering him in scorching hot cheese.


  1. Crawly is swatted by Cheesy.
  2. Cheesy gets his head burnt.


  1. Crawly is grilled.
  2. Cheesy's hand gets grilled.
  3. Creepy gets covered in hot cheese.


  • This episode has no featuring or appearance roles.
  • This is the first time Creepy survives while Crawly dies. In a previous episode, Pest Control, it was the other way around. Creepy and Crawly are now equal in death count.
  • After Dread and Breakfast, this is the second death Cheesy endures that involves grilled cheese.
  • Coincidentally, the characters in this episode all have names that start with C and end with Y.

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