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King Leonidas of Sparta

King Leonidas was a legendary king of Ancient Sparta. He is also a character in HTF.

Known for leading 300 tree friends against millions of demonic hoardes and spurring the rest of Tree Town to join the fight, King Leonidas is a hero throughout all of HTF lands. He is supposedly an ancestor of Flippy. Not much more is known about his personal life. It is also said he lives to this day, and has been spotted on rare occastions in the backgrounds admiring the town or training.



  • Demonic forces
  • Sniffles (due to Sniffles being a scientist, innovator, realist, and abandoner of the old ways)
  • Splendid (when he uses his powers)
  • Splendont (because of powers)
  • Any magical or superhuman beings


  • He is undefeatable in Close Quarter Combat, and known for hurling his spear at range.
  • His kill count in the battle of Treemopalye is 15000 (outside of the battle during peace is 7).
  • He is friends with Flippy and Splendid, and has a natural hate on Sniffles.
  • He has a abnormal hate for anything superpowerful, magical, or mystical.
  • He has a hate for change and technological advances, and prefers the old way of living (hates guns, lights, etc.)

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