Kuddly is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.
Kuddly redesign

Character Bio

Kuddly is a lavender koala. She likes climbing trees and eating eucalyptus leaves. She has an interest in nature and often goes on walks, whistles to birds, or sniffs flowers.

Kuddly is friends with Platto and Hairy. She occasionally hangs out with Sheila, but not too often because of her criminal reputation. Joey is known to have a crush on Kuddly, though Kuddly is not aware of it at this time. It is presumed that she has a crush on him as well.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. What Goes Around - Crushed by a tree.
  2. Speak of the Tasmanian Devil - Run over by a shopping cart.
  3. Glide and go Seek - Drowns in a flood.
  4. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya - Chopped in half by a tree stump.
  5. Once Bitten - Dies from eating a flower.
  6. Drop Bear Necessities - Killed by Platto with a boomerang.
  7. I've Machine That Before - Dies in machine explosion.
  8. Out of Outback - Skull cracked open.
  9. To Here and Back - Crushed by a tree.
  10. The Way the Lava Goes - May have died offscreen (debatable).
  11. Outback Fire - Sliced by Tazzy.
  12. A Safari The Eye Can See - Splatters.
  13. Drought and About - Drowns.
  14. Helping Helps - Decapitated by a tree branch.
  15. Mind The Surf - Drowned by a tidal wave.
  16. Lyre, Lyre - Killed by ticks and spiders.
  17. Cold Blooded - Face is bitten off.


  1. Once Bitten - Attacked by poisonous spiders.
  2. Helping Helps - Leg broken prior to the episode.


  • She is based on Giggles as they both love tea parties, flowers, and the environment. She may also have a relationship with Joey, like Giggles does with Cuddles.
  • Like real koalas, she likes eating eucalyptus leaves.
  • She is revealed to be Fanny's sister in Aussie Outback Fan, Part 2.
  • Formerly not wearing clothes, she now wears a eucalyptus leaf necklace as well as blue jeans.