Ladder, Rinse, Repeat is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


Handy, Buck, Chuck, Nutty, and Checkers are helping Jacky paint her house. Buck is holding a ladder steady for Handy who is on top holding a brush in his mouth dipping it into a can of paint on the ladder Jacky is standing in front of the ladder. Chuck and Checkers stand nearby painting with rollers suddenl Nutt comes running suped up on suger and rams into the ladder causing it to fall onto Buck who is then sliced im half by a rung and Handy falls knocking a paint can onto Jackys head where it gets stuck and Jacky drowns in the paint. Handy hits the ground and the brushes handle impales him though the mouth, an empty paint can lands on Nutty who runs blindly into the road and is hit by a car sending the bucket and his head flyin killing Checkers and Chuck and also painting the wall with thier blood.


  • Buck is cut in half.
  • Handy is impaled though the muoth.
  • Jacky suffocates.
  • Nutty is hit by a car.
  • Checkers and Chuck are hit by a flying paint can.

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