Laurence McDiglehooper
Luarence McDinglehooper
Dat 'stache...
Name Laurence McDiglehooper
Gender Male
Interests Drinking Coffee,Mustaches,Snow
Species Manx Cat
Color Plum Purple(Switched to White later on)
Relatives His Mum,Twin Sister(Lawra)
Age 36
Size Tall
Friends/Allies His Mum,Twin Sis,"Flaky"
Enemies/Rivals Pretty Much Everyone Else
Love Interests Flaky(though she is oblivious)
Kill Count 23+
Death Count 37+
First Appearance "Purple Mayhem"
First Victim Flaky
First Death "Purple Mayhem"(Scalded to death via Coffee Machine)

Character Bio

Laurence, who is known as "The creep who has a mustache", was born in Happy Tree Town. He is alergic to pasta, and he is partially blind (he can't see in dim areas). Laurence hates his last name (McDinglehooper) and often goes mad when he hears it. He lives with his overprotective mother. Laurence has a huge crush on Flaky. He will even jump of a cliff just to impress her. He works as a mailman at day, and a thief at night, but he often bumps to trees, mailboxes, etc.


Laurence wears a black tuxedo, a top hat, glasses, and a bow tie. His mustache is his "most preciuos possesion"and he sometimes "loses" it. He also wears numerous disguises.


  • He is terrible in singing, because he has never sung for years.
  • He is afraid of the color pink.
  • He often refers his birthday as "the most horrible day in his life".
  • He goes crazy everytime he sees a cup of coffee (he is addicted to coffee).


Laurence died almost 21 times.

  • Crushed by a car
  • Burned
  • Eaten by a shark
  • Fell in a volcano
  • Killed by Flippy
  • Hung himself
  • Grinded
  • Shot in the head by a gun
  • Kicked by a horse
  • Drank too much coffee

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