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Lazy is the character based off of RoboStarthebomb.

Character Bio

Quite lazy, Lazy is a tired and sleepy cat who likes computers (and sometimes many other electronics). He is a grey cat. His friends are Robo Star, Sir Gron, Torn, Rip, Trippy, and Superspeed. He hates to be awoken during sleep and is often a victim of Pierce, Puffy, Waddles, Spot, and the Ant Family. His nose is grey instead of pink and he has sharp teeth. He is confirmed not to die much. He sometimes kills intentionally, but doesn't flip-out.

Lazy's episodes

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. You Can't Beach Me - Drowned in wave.
  2. Blast Off - Asteroid hits his house.


  1. Technical Difficulties (game) - Killed by enemies or obstacles if the player loses.


  • He is similar to Elliott as both are grey and tired. The difference is that Lazy does not kill people by falling asleep and does not sleepwalk.

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