• Lemy other DT by Zolrac30051

    Lemy's Profile...

  • Gender:Male
  • Race:Lemur
  • Color:White/Gray
  • Relatives:Fang, Iggy, Bleak,
  • Created by: Zolrac3005
  • Edited by:caramelangel714


Lemy WIIII by Zolrac3005

Lemy sitting on the roof.

Lemy is a common and the main protagonist of Revolution. He approves to be in the Veteran team to become an assassin. His favorite food is a green apple that he used to kick or hold.


Lemy has a blue headband that can change the colors to red, yellow, or black. In Revolution form, he wears a black armor ninja suit.

Deaths and Injuries

Cuisine Lesson: Chokes on glass.


Zombie Dance Lemy by Zolrac3005

Zombie dance!!


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