Jumpers on her pogostick
Internet Season: 7
Episode Number: 9
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles

Lifty and Shifty


Generic Tree Friends

Previous Episode Birthday Pranks
Next Episode Weak-ing Weakness


One day, Jumpers wakes up in her bed. She makes herself breakfast and jumps on her pogostick. Then she goes to a store and buys an apple. She sees a sale for super duper pogosticks. She then accidently throws the apple that she was holding and it impales Shivers in the head.

She hops along and sees Lifty and Shifty robbing a store. She grabs a boomerang that she throws at Lifty and Shifty and the boomerang slices both of their heads off.

She then heads to the pogostick store where she sees a long line. She waits and sees her friend Cloudy got a pogostick. Jumpers decides that she will jump over everyone and she tries but she accidently crushes Peppery's head and and accidently causes and explosions when she jumps on fireworks. The episodes ends when a pogostick falls and impales a dead Jumpers in her head.


  1. Shivers is impaled by an apple.
  2. Lifty and Shifty are sliced by a boomerang.
  3. Peppery's head is crushed.
  4. Everyone else dies in the explosion.

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