The Mole and Jussy in the fan version of Let It Slide.

The Mole, Jussy, and Clumsy stand atop a waterslide. Clumsy is in a striped bathing suit and Jussy is visibly nervous about going down the slide. Clumsy hops into the slide and laughs as he goes down, however his weight causes a screw to come loose in a part of the slide where two tubes connect to one another. In the pool at the bottom of the slide, Aqua happily floats in a small innertube. She floats by the bottom of the slide just as Clumsy comes out.

Clumsy laughs gleefully, until he notices there is blood on one of his ears. Blood stains the water below Aqua and below the surface we see the lower half of Aqua's body detach from the upper half. Clumsy gets out of the water close to where Rabbit happily sits. But he shrieks, however, when he sees that Clumsy's bathing suit came off in the water. Noticing this, Clumsy starts to freak out and nervously looks around again. He sees a towel hanging on a water pipe and grabs it, accidentally spinning the ball-valve and turning the water off.

Back at the top of the slide, The Mole urges Jussy to go down the slide. Scared, she shakes her head. Laughing, The Mole pushes her down the slide, unaware that the water has been turned off. Jussy screams as she slides down and her fur begins poking out of the slide. In the same section of the slide where Clumsy knocked out a screw, Jussy's weight and movements cause more screws to fall out and one of the pipes moves below the other. At the bottom of the slide, Jussy emerges missing most of her skin. She sinks to the bottom of the pool and a slice of her skin floats to the surface.

Clumsy now realizes that the water has been turned off and quickly turns the ball-valve to its original position. The Mole slides down seconds after the water turns back on, but he is cut in half when he reaches the tubes in the slide that became disconnected. At the bottom of the slide, what's left of The Mole sinks to the bottom of the pool. Elsewhere Clumsy happily walks away, unknowingly wearing Jussy's skin as a hooded shirt. We see once again that he's not wearing any pants and Rabbit shrieks again.

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