Liftette (left) and Shiftette (right)

Liftelle and Shiftette are gorgerous clothing-jewelry-accessory stealers. They are the female counterparts/girlfriends/rivals of Lifty and Shifty. Both of them make situations and are opposite, and do not fight because they are good-bad twin sisters. Liftelle is cheerful and jolly while Shiftette is the popular and nonsense one.


The duo is similar to Lifty and Shifty, except that Liftelle is purple with a magenta bow and Shiftette is magenta and has a pink fedora with sparkles.


  • Lifty and Shifty: Love interests (Lifty for Liftelle and Shifty for Shiftette)
  • Crafty: Rival (for the brothers' affections)


Starring Roles


  • One of the clothing in Petalstraps
  • Ribbons's pairs of earrings
  • Giggles's bows
  • Flaky's quill covers
  • Rinkie's ice rink boots
  • Petunia's piney necklaces
  • Lammy's sweaters
  • Millions of headbands
  • Braze's brass ring
  • Gennie

Attempted stealings

  • They worked with Lifty and Shifty to steal 427 Big Macs from Fatty McFatterson, but they got eaten along with Lifty and Shifty.



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