Lights Out is a fan episode.



Yin is reading a book at home when the lights start to flicker so she calls for Yang and gets him to check the fuse box in the basement. As Yang starts down the stairs the lights go out and he falls down the steps but luckly lives he theen gets out a flashlight and spots thefuse box he opens it up only to find a rat has been chewing wire up the rat then attacks Yang ripping a hole in his chest but yang kills it before anything else can happen he then starts to put two wires together. The scene then goes back to Yang who is sitting in the dark a scream is heard and thr light come on. Yin is happy but the light bulb above her explodes and glass slices her face up and she falls over dead.


  • Yang falls down the stairs and is attacked by a rat.


  • Yang was electrocuted.
  • Yin had her face sliced open by glass.

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