Gender: Female
Interest(s): Science, Dancing, Sports
Species: Bunny
Color: Brown
Relatives: n/a
Age: 13-15
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Puffy Sana Cuddles Giggles
Enemies/Rivals: Flippy Petunia
Love Interest(s): Handy
Kill Count: {{{14}}}
Deaths: {{{15}}} {{{16}}}
First Appearance: {{{17}}}
First Victim: {{{18}}} {{{19}}}
First Death: {{{20}}}


Lili is a dark brown bunny. She is very smart and loves to spend time with her friends. She has a huge crush on Handy, but Handy doesn't like her (not even as a friend). She wishes he would have his hands back.


  • It is shown that she doesn't get along with Flippy. The two fight over generally stupid things.
  • She also hates Petunia for thinking that she "stole" Handy from her.
  • He nickname is the obsessed bunny


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