Nutty chitters past Buddy and Meaty.
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 5
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
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Litters of Love is an episode of the fourth season of Happy Tree Friends.


Buddy is seen to be planting a new plant in his garden when her cat comes by. Buddy happily pets the cat. She then sees Meaty come by eating a chicken leg. Meaty says hi and comes to help Buddy plant his stuff. Meaty takes two apple seeds and plants them in the ground. Apparently, not remembering the chicken leg he is still holding, Meaty snaps and chuckles, and the chicken leg flies away.

Splendid is seen trying to stop a meteor for a while and is then impaled in the head with the chicken leg.

Nutty chitters by and says hi to Buddy and Kooka. He then sees a gumball machine, puts a coin in, and a gumball rolls out and goes up a "ramp" and goes into Meaty's mouth. He then starts to go crazy, and steps into a hole he was planting a seed in. Suddenly, when he gets it out, it kicks Buddy's tooth out. Meaty then spins around into a twister and shreds Buddy and Nutty. Suddenly, as for being a twister and a panda mixed, Meaty ends up shredding his own self. The meteor Splendid was trying to stop then comes down and hits the dead bodies.


  1. Splendid is impaled in the head by a chicken leg.
  2. Meaty turns into a twister and shreds Nutty, Buddy, and himself.


  1. This is the first time Meaty snaps for a sugary treat into a twister.
  2. This is the second time Splendid has a confirmed death. The first is "Gems the Breaks".
  3. The title is a play on "Letters of Love".
  4. Buddy, using vocabulary as meows, can be heard singing in the credits.
  5. Nobody survives in this episode.
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