Little Problem is the third episode of Aussie Outback Friends. This episode introduces Prickles, the echidna
Tongue tie

A whole new meaning to tongue twister!

with a craving for ants.





Prickles is sleeping with his body rolled into a ball. He is awakened by his growing stomach, and looks around for food. He sees an ant hill nearby and immediately licks his lips. He walks over to the anthill and sticks his tongue inside. The ants get scared and decide to do something about the hungry pest, so they call for backup.

While Prickles continues licking the anthill, two ants sneak up behind him and cut off one of his quills. One of them uses the quill to stab Prickles in the butt, causing him to scream. As he runs in pain, an ant uses the quill to nail Prickles' tongue to the ground. As a result, Prickles is soon tugged by his tongue and is sent flying. Meanwhile, Hairy is seen resting on a rock, when Prickles lands on top of him and crushes him, and also impales him with his quills.

Prickles is now stuck to the rock and tries to pull himself out. Several ants come carrying a big scissor and cut off his quills. This causes Prickles to hurl himself into the air and get tangled by his own tongue. The whole colony of ants then surrounds him carrying his quills, which they use to stab him to death. One of Prickles' eyeballs rolls to an ant, who takes a bite out of it and likes the taste.


  1. Hairy is crushed by Prickles and impaled by his quills.
  2. Prickles is stabbed to death by his own quills.


  • This is Prickles' debut episode.
  • The ants resemble bulldog ants because of their long jaws.

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