Living Fuzzy Friends is a spin-off of Happy Tree Friends. It was made to give the viewers two different HTFs to look after.

Main Characters

Living Fuzzy Friends

All main characters.

There are 14 main characters of Living Fuzzy Friends, 16 individual. Most of them are bears.


Jessie is a pink bear based on Giggles. She has a crush on Hiddy (similiar to Giggles in love with Cuddles).


Hiddy is a tan sharp-teethed bear based on Cuddles. She has a crush on Jessie (similar to Cuddles in love with Giggles).


Simon is a blue bear based on Toothy. The only difference between Simon and Toothy is that Simon does not have big buckteeth like Toothy does.


Snippy is a tailless badger based on Lumpy. He is often confused and dimwitted.


Siddy is a green bear based on Petunia. He has OCD and, unlike Petunia, sometimes tries to clean other characters but ends up killing them in the process.


Dipples, along with Simon, is a blue bear, but he is based on Sniffles. He also tries to eat ants and likes to build.

Papa and Rubby

Papa and Rubby are two chipmunks who are based off of Pop and Cub. Papa's marking, sometimes as a goof, disappears. Unlike the original series where Cub's deaths are from Papa's carelessness, both have deaths that involve fire most of the time.


Drippy is a pink porcupine who is based off of and mixed between Flaky and The Mole. She is mostly nervous, but is blind (and sometimes lazy).


Tippy is a green bear based off of Nutty. Tippy has a craze for candy, but his body has no candy on it. His body is dirty (which as a goof sometimes changes to clean).

Loddy and Poddy

Loddy and Poddy are two white skunks who are identical twins based off of Lifty & Shifty. What keeps them from being identical is that Loddy's eyes were somehow accidentally cut off.


Diddy is a dark blue bear who is based off of Disco Bear. She usually tries to impress the men.


Knitty is a light green tailless fox who is based off of Flippy. He flips-out when he hears exactly, or something that sounds exactly like knitting, or maybe when he sees knitting.


Gussel is a fishing-loving person who is easily aggravated. He is a purple bear.


  • The episode titles are not punny.


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