Long Haul

Long Haul's Normal State.

Long Haul is a member of the Constructifriends, and is a sea-green turtle. He bears a vague resemblance to Bulky. He forms Devastator's right leg.

Normal State

He is essentially a regular turtle in this state.

War State

His shell has spikes on it and he has translucent blades coming out of his arms.

Starring Roles

  1. United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Featuring Roles

  1. Raze the Roof

Appearance Roles

  1. Mall and Sundry


  1. Mall and Sundry: Dies along with the other Constructifriends when the mall collapses. (debatable)

See Also

Names in Other Languages


Лонг Хаул (Long Haul)

Long Haul


Long Haul

Long Haul


Long Haul


長距離 (Chōkyori)

Long Distance


  • He is a parody of Long Haul from the Transformers franchise.

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