Lucy Clover (also known as Lucy) is a fanon character of Happy Tree Friends.


Lucy is a bright sky-blue squirrel who the Princess of the Luck and Light and come from another dimension, but her kingdom has been destroyed by monsters and she must lived on Happy Tree Town for a "while". She's the only child of Semine Clover and Tyche Clover. Her father killed by monsters meanwhile her mother is still alive but in some dimensions. Lucy lived in Shiny Twinkle's house along with her friends.

She has tychokinesis, which able to manipulate probability of event instantly, it can cause both good and bad luck, sudden deaths, natural disasters, and even catastrophic events. Lucy also has photokinesis, however, it's very weak to use and fight against someone with umbrakinesis. She considers herself as a jinx due having an ability of absorbing someone else's luck into her energy. Despite her tychokinesis is very powerful, it can be weaken/strengthen by depending Lucy's emotions, e.g. when she's happy, the chance of the probability coming become extremely low from 60% to 25.5%.

While living on Happy Tree Town, she lives on a tree house and goes to school to learn. Lucy has several problems on school; she can't controlling her emotions, get excited so easily, being extremely hyperactive, sleeping on class, and sometimes involved in bully problems. She sometimes can harm someone physically when her emotions out of control. She always gets scolded and goes to office whenever she make troubles.

Despite having magic abilities, Lucy's magic is still weak and she needs to learn more about it, sometimes when she use it, her magic always cause troubles, deaths, even killing anyone near her. Lucy is extremely bad when using magic and if she messed up, it can killing her in horrible ways. There's only, ONLY 2.5% chance that her magic is succeed and not cause any effects. There's also 5% chance that her magic is also succeed but kills others.

Other than being a princess, Lucy is also the leader of The Gang Kids, though she more as follower than as leader. She loves adventuring with her friends and wants to find something new, she think that adventures sound very fun and exciting than go to school. However, her "adventures" can kill her and lead her to deaths. Even though it's extremely dangerous and deadly and can lead her to gruesome deaths, Lucy still loves adventuring.

Despite being "lucky", Lucy still can died like other characters. She also can be killed without any magics. Her deaths involves her own magic, her recklessness, her limbs, explosion, being sliced and shredded.

Personality and traits

Lucy is happy-go-lucky, hyperactive, kind, boisterous, and tomboyish. She is extremely reckless, foolish, naive, and noisy. She's non-stop talking about her experiences and adventures to her friends, and considered as a most annoying character. On the good side, she loves hanging out with her friends and helping others in distressed. Lucy also likes storytelling about her "exciting" adventures to other people, even though someone dislike her.

Despite being tomboyish, Lucy still has few girly sides; she loves dressing up, cooking, and stuffed dolls. Even though she likes cooking, Lucy actually bad when cook something, in fact, she never learn how to cook. Her cook can make people nausea and throw out, even worse is death. All of her friends don't want to try her cook, even they forced to.

Physical appearance

Lucy has two different colored eyes, two eyelashes, and a large bushy tail. She wears yellow sweater and black tights. She wears a four-leaf clover necklace around her neck, it believed to give either good or bad luck to someone, her necklace can be a magical wand too, but it's very limited. Her eyes can changed their colors, depending on her emotions.







  1. Good Ol Lucy - Sliced by the cables.
  2. Sugart But Sour! - Crushed by piles of cakes.
  3. You Said Screeeh, I Said Screeew - Crushed by giant pieces of town's buildings.




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  • As for 15th November 2017, she's changed drastically. Several things about her also changed:
    • She's no longer a cannibalistic squirrel.
    • She's no longer Flippy's adoptive sister.
    • She no longer has ability to speak with animals, lift heavy things, cast elemental spells, and several other abilities.
    • She's no longer enemies with Petunia and Giggles.
    • She's no longer popular and smart student.
    • She's no longer good at magic.
    • She's no longer wearing hoodie and shorts.
    • Her necklace no longer called the lucky charm and only can changed into a magical wand.
    • And she's no longer become a fourth-wall breaker character.
  • She is based on Star Butterfly from Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls.
  • Fun Fact: She is very bad speaking foreign languages.
  • Her eyes changes colors:
    • Sky-blue and orange: Normal
    • Indigo and brown: Sad
    • Red and green: Anger
    • Yellow and blue: Happy
    • Pink and magenta: Confused
    • Dark blue and purple: Curious
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