Gender: Male
Interest(s): Helping Birds
Species: Moose
Color: Purple
Relatives: Lumpy (cousin)
Age: 16
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Lumpy
Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Love Interest(s): None
Kill Count: 0
Deaths: 7 all in regular episodes
First Appearance: Play, what's going on?
First Victim: None Yet N/A
First Death: Play, what's going on?

Lumpoo is a main character.

Character Bio

Lumpoo is a purple moose who is Lumpy's cousin. Even though he is Lumpy's cousin, he is not like him at all. Lumpoo isn't really dimwitted, as he's once been able to get a bird up a tree without dying at all or harming the bird itself.

Lumpoo's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Play, what's going on?
  2. Bird Helping
  3. Remains to be Seen
  4. Webb and the Chocolate Factory
  5. Class Act (Todd Version)

Featuring roles

  1. Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode
  2. Bottling it Up Inside
  3. The Hoping They Go
  4. Shoe Off
  5. Frenemy With a Horn
  6. Scared by Clown
  7. Splishy Splash


  1. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  2. Derpsie Daisy!
  3. Cheer Up
  4. Snobby Affairs



  1. Play, what's going on? - Flatlined.
  2. Snobby Affairs - Shredded by cruise propellers.
  3. Class Act (Todd Version)- Dies in Explosion.
  4. The Hoping They Go - Fell down and splattered.
  5. Shoe Off - Killed by Hawkeye.
  6. Scared by Clown - Killed by Ronald McDonald.
  7. Splishy Splash- Vanished in the lake.


  1. Remains to be Seen - Arm ripped off; it is zomibified and it tries to rip his heart out.

Number of Kills

None Yet


  1. Although his body shape is really similar to Lumpy's, he is not a Lumpy-sue because he is not dimwitted.


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