Lumpy's too stupid to record his smoochie.


Idle animations

  • Lumpy does connect-the-dots very slowly and cheers at finish.
  • Lumpy gets a hamburger out of his pocket and eats it.



A merry-go-round falls on Lumpy's neck. Lumpy spins it slowly and laughs. He starts spinning it faster, but it twists his neck and his head pops off.


Nice try to get that off!


A long table rolls to Lumpy. It holds one glass and a candle. Lumpy cheers and chuckles for a while and says "I love water!". Not looking down, he picks up the candle and he sets his lips on fire. His entire body is then on fire, and he faints forwards and is impaled by the shards of glass of the glass of water on the table.


A box comes toward Lumpy. Lumpy gives out a "Huh?" and picks up a razor out of the box. He chuckles and, thinking he is shaving, cuts holes in his body. He then cuts a hole inside his stomach and into his chest. He screams for 5 seconds and faints.


Learn how to shave, Lumpy.


  • Lumpy's antlers change directions a few times in "Water".
  • Since Lumpy's antlers went past the bars on the merry-go-round, it should not have spun.


  • Lumpy's first idle animation may be a reference to "Doggone It".
  • The merry-go-round may be a reference to "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!"

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