Lumpy death in christmas episode
Maybe Lumpy should have seen the fire...
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 4
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Lifty & Shifty
The Reindeer
Previous Episode Sugar vs. Meat
Next Episode Four the Record

"Lumpy Claus Is Coming To Town!" is a special christmas episode of Happy Tree Friends. It is the fourth episode in the fourth season.


Lumpy is wearing a Santa hat, beard, and clothes. He is putting toys into a bag. He then goes to a sleigh. He tries making the reindeer fly, but it doesn't work. He then makes them run to Lifty & Shifty's house, and Lumpy jumps on one reindeer's head and hops to the roof. He jumps down the chimney.

He falls down and hurts his buttocks. He then quickly puts the presents under the tree and climbs back up. Lifty & Shifty then wake up and wonder what's going on. They go to the tree and see the presents. They chuckle as they open the presents. In each present there are loads of million dollar bags.

Lumpy then makes the reindeer run to Flippy's house and once again hops to the reindeer's head and to the roof and goes down the chimney. He puts two presents under the tree. Lumpy climbs back up. Flippy then wakes up and goes under the tree and opens both. First he opens one with a war-related badge in it. Flippy chuckles and puts it on his war uniform. The next one he opens is a bowie knife, which makes Flippy flip-out.

Meanwhile, Lumpy appears at Nutty's house, does the same routine again-but when he jumps down, he lands in the fire-lit fireplace. The fire burns off some of Lumpy's skin. Nutty wakes up and sees Lumpy and gasps. Lumpy's skin completely burns off and turns to dust. Nutty then starts chuckling, turns the fireplace off, and get's Lumpy's present bag. He then takes all his presents, opens them, and they are all candy.


"If you can make reindeer fly, you should make them a pie!"


  • Lumpy's skin is burnt off.
  • Since Flippy flips-out, it is possible he later kills someone (debatable)


  • When Nutty is opening the presents, Lumpy's burnt down skin disappears.
  • Lumpy's antlers change directions at the beginning.
  • The Santa clothing disappears on Lumpy when he lands in the fire-lit fireplace.


  • Lammy can be seen in the background when Lumpy tries to make the reindeer fly.
  • Lumpy yells "Here we go!" when he jumps down Nutty's chimney.
  • There was a deleted scene where Flippy comes down Nutty's chimney and gives him a present, in which Nutty opens and sees a jack-in-the-box which impales him in the eye.
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