Will Sniffles finally get vengeance on the ant?
I think you know the answer...
Internet Season: HTF Break
Episode Number: 2
Starring Roles
An Ant
Featuring Roles
Disco Bear
Generic Tree Friends
Previous Episode Heimlich-ed!
Next Episode The Punk, The Kill

Magnify-cent is a fan-made episode of HTF Break.


An ant is seen taking a tan on a small lawnchair with a tanning mirror. Suddenly, the sun is blocked by a huge figure. It is the shadow of Sniffles. The ant screams in fear as Sniffles reveals a magnifying glass. The sun's rays are reflected by the glass, but the ant protects himself by reflecting the rays back with his tanning mirror. The rays bounce off Sniffles' glasses, then bounce off a glass of water, a snow globe, and a window. The rays are sent into a mirror shop and bounce off several mirrors, including one where Disco Bear looks at his reflection, causing a hole to be burnt through his afro, much to his dismay. The rays are then bounced off a giant glass statue and the window of a plane, causing the pilot to lose focus and crash the plane. The rays are ultimately sent towards Sniffles, burning him to a crisp. The ant cheers with glee, as the resulting flash of light has given him a perfect tan.


  1. Sniffles' body is burnt to a crisp.
  2. It is possible that the pilot and other generic tree friends on the plane could have died in the crash, though nothing has been confirmed. It is possible that they could have miraculously survived (debatable).


  1. The title of the episode is a pun on the words "Magnify" and "Magnificent".
  2. This time only one ant appeared instead of the whole family. In this case, it was the ant wearing a red cap.
  3. Sniffles' death is similar to Disco Bear's death in "As You Wish".

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