Hippy Costume
Numerous animal costumes from his old memories.
You never know if this time it'll be better.
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 12
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Torn and Rip's Revenge
Next Episode Welcome To My Knife

Mall-oween is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.


Hippy looks at himself in the mirror to see if his costume is good. He is dressed as a soldier. He stays satisfyed and lets out a "Mmm-hm."

Hippy goes to a shelf of pictures and looks at all the memories-from a beaver to an otter. He remembers all those old memories, especially hanging out with Lumpy and Splendid. He looks at the time and goes trick-or-treating.

He meets up at a secret hideout with Lumpy and Splendid to see how it's going. Lumpy is dressed up as a criminal and Splendid is dressed up as a cowboy. They decide to go out and see the world and trick-or-treat.

They first go to Flippy's house. TRICK-OR-TREAT! Flippy chuckles a bit, but looks at Lumpy. Flippy tries to calm himself down. Everyone shrugs. Splendid uses his special vision to see that Flippy has PTSD. Splendid tries to calm him down. Flippy gives them candy finally and they walk away.

Nutty and Meaty come up to Flippy. TRICK-OR-TREAT! Nutty is dressed up as a policeman with a fake gun, and Meaty is dressed up as a criminal, this making Flippy flip-out completely. Flippy throws a knife, which flies through Nutty and flies to Lumpy, killing him. It hits a house and bumps up to a satelite, and bumps back down and hits Flippy. Meaty quickly runs away.

Hippy and Splendid are shocked by this sight. Splendid whistles and walks away, pretending not to notice. Hippy follows his lead.

Their next stop is Torn. TRICK-OR-TREAT! Torn gives them their candy. Kooka quickly runs towards them to run away from the knife (which is still flying) and it flies through him, Hippy, and Torn, killing them. Splendid whistles and flies away.


"It's either trick or treat!"


  1. Nutty, Flippy, Lumpy, Meaty, Hippy, and Torn are hit by a knife.


  1. Splendid is the only character who survives the episode.
  2. All of the deaths in this episode are caused by a knife.
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