Mario Happy Tree Friend Suit by Twirlerena
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Mushrooms, Video Games, Plumbing
Species: Bear
Color: Red
Relatives: Luigi (Brother)
Age: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Luigi
Enemies/Rivals: Bowser


Love Interest(s): Princess Peach
Kill Count: 1
Deaths: 1 (0 in regular episodes)
First Appearance: Play, what's going on?
First Victim: Grafitiy Spacing Out
First Death: tba
Mario is a crossover character.

Character Bio

Mario is a (presumably) red bear. He is usually seen collecting mushrooms, yet has a pet mushroom which he never uses. His companion Mushroom, aids him in his travels.

Mario is a very friendly, caring and brave character. Mario often helps characters in need of assistance (no matter how small, such as when he saved Trippy from being squirted by Pierce).

Mushroom rarely talks, or even does things independently. Mushroom only wiggles around with Mario, "aiding him in his travels", according to his collect 'em all.


Mario is a brown bear bearing a red head with the insignia "M" on it. He has all red clothes, but with overalls over them. He has a mustache, white gloves and brown shoes. Mario also possesses a mustache and buck teeth.

Mushroom is a super mushroom, possessing hearts on his cap, a white body, pac-man eyes and a red heart nose. It should be noted that Mushroom lacks the physical and visual features of Mario, and does not bear any noticeable physical traits.

Mario's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Spacing Out
  2. MaRiO's HaLlOwEeN


  1. Your Biggest Fan
  2. Shock Box


  1. Play, what's going on?
  2. Blocking You Out


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