Hungry, Liftelle and Shiftette open their refrigerator, only to find it empty (of food at least). Initiall
y saddened, they come up with a plan to get some food.

The scene shifts to the exterior of Wooly's Butcher Shop, as an alarm goes off. Liftelle and Shiftette exit the building with armfuls of meat, while Wooly chases after and yells at them. A chain of sausage gets stuck in the automatic door, however, and Liftelle and Shiftette are yanked back into the store.

Shiftette gets slammed into a wall and is slowly fed into a meat grinder, which grinds her into sausage. Liftelle lands against a rack of sharp objects, which fall as she slides down the wall. Several knives and forks pierce her legs and one of her arms. As she tries to remove these objects, she realizes she's sitting on a meat slicer. Thin, circular portions of her body are sliced as she screams in pain.

The scene cuts once more to Wooly standing behind his counter as Jussy enjoys a pink hot dog (in a display case in the background you can see more pink hot dogs and a stack of thin purple circular meat). Jussy seems to be enjoying her hot dog until she sticks out her tongue, which is holding an eyeball.

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