Not to be confused with the user Mectrixctic.

Name Mectrixctic
Gender Female
Interests Painting
Creative writing
Species Bat
Color Indigo
Relatives TBA
Size Medium
Friends/Allies  ???
Enemies/Rivals  ???
Love Interests  ???
Kill Count 2
Death Count 4
First Appearance Shiver Me Timbers
First Victim Giggles and Petunia
First Death Happy Trails (Fan Version)

Mectrixctic is an indigo bat. She lives in a cave rather than a tree. She is very show-offy and does things like flying, painting, or singing to get attention from her friends.


  1. Happy Trails (Fan Version): Impaled on a gear lever.
  2. Unknown episode: Sliced in half by a pallete.
  3. Unknown episode: Eats mistletoe.
  4. Dandy Candy Doo: Has rabies and dies.


  • She doesn't have buckteeth, but has fangs.
  • She also doesn't have mitten-like hands, but does have a stubby thumb.
  • Like Splendid, she can fly, but doesn't have superpowers, which sucks for her since she usually gets into situation where the only way to survive is to have superpowers.

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