Mickey Mouse




Acting, Disney movies, steamboats






Minnie Mouse (possible wife),
Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse (nephews),
Amelia Fieldmouse (sister),
Madeline Mouse (cousin),
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (half-brother),
Marco Topo (ancestor)


Walt Disney,
Yen Sid,
Minnie Mouse,
Donald Duck,
Daisy Duck,
Various other Disney heroes


Mortimer Mouse,
Kat Nipp,
Various other Disney villains

Love interests

Minnie Mouse

Character bio

Mickey is easily recognized by his red shorts with white polka dots, white gloves and large yellow shoes as well as his round mouse ears. He often gets himself into trouble as a result of his mischief and the fact that he can be forgetful and procrastinates.

He choses fun and adventure over working hard or work in general, a trait disliked by Minnie Mouse. While usually always having the better amount of luck, when teamed with his pals Donald and Goofy, he and his friends often end their day in failure and all three are the faults.

Mickey stands as a father figure for Pluto and has grounded him on many occasions as if he is a young boy. Mickey describes himself as a good sport but on occasion has lost his temper on both enemies and friends. He is usually dumbstruck by the mere sight of Minnie Mouse giving her many titles such as "his treasure" and constantly goes out of his way to impress her. He has a bad habit of becoming addicted to video games as he can be seen playing one non stop, day and night.

Mickey performs his hero side by force. Many cartoons begin with Mickey and Minnie enjoying each other's company until a villain (almost always Pete) kidnaps her and the takes her away, resulting to Mickey battling the villain and proclaiming his love. Mickey can be competitive and never backs down even when his opponent is twice his size. In many situations, Mickey has shown to be a trickster and enjoys pranking his enemies to get the better of them. Despite being very heroic, Mickey can be very lazy and prefers to laid back and rather optimistic during harsh times but on rare events has given up hope even doubting himself.

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